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In Takeover!, David Shen drives you through the nerdy, make-it-or-break-it inside story of the web’s first mega-company, where every day brought a new problem, every ad pushed the boundaries further, and every story added up to what became Yahoo!, the undisputed pioneer of the online advertising revolution.

Advance Praise for Takeover!

“In 1995, we brought Dave on as a designer. Little did we know he would be a leading element in industry-wide change in online advertising six years later! We had no idea that we were literally building an industry from the ground up. I’ve enjoyed this ‘walk’ down memory lane that Dave had put together. I’m sure you will too.”

Jerry Yang, Founding Partner, AME Cloud Ventures; Co-founder, Yahoo!

“Dave captures an amazing period at the onset of the ‘business internet.’ We had to lay the foundation for an entire industry while operating under incredible executive, shareholder, and consumer pressure. It was truly a unique moment in time; and Dave and Yahoo! were at the epicenter.”

Jeff Bernstein, SVP of Marketing, eHealth, formerly of Microsoft

“The magic of the ‘how did they do that’ is explained at last. Not overly technical, Dave not only does a fine explanation but personalizes the experience. I was there and, until now, never understood it. A terrific read.”

Jerry Shereshewsky, CEO Grown Up Marketing, former Yahoo! Ambassador Plenipotentiary

“DShen, as he is lovingly known, has captured the spirit, heart, and vibe of what it was like ‘on the inside’ at Yahoo! during the early years of this thing we now all take for granted called ‘online.’ It’s a fascinating read that you can’t put down if you are at all interested in how the internet business came into adolescence and through young adulthood…zits, hubris, confidence, and all.”

Eric Ronning, Currently enjoying all he learned as a former Yahoo! Director NYC Sales

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